The honest to goodness interaction that live streaming permits, makes a relationship with watchers. Recordings on request essentially can’t make the same feeling since there’s less room for watchers to recognize with the presenters. 

The reality that a live stream is really live, brings a human component to it. Anything can go off-base, at any time. On the off chance that moderators make a botch, falter or chuckle around something, watchers see the realness and distinguish with them. 

Not at all like Live TV News, where stays appear solid and emotionless. Why do you think individuals adore to see them make botches on live TV? It humanizes them and it’s relatable. Being relatable is amazingly vital for any substance maker. In spite of the fact that it may be more challenging for brands since they ought to appear their human side without being “human”. The identity of a brand has to be in tune with its customers.