One of the most reasons why live streaming is so critical, for brands and people, is since of the level of interaction and engagement it offers. No other stage or promoting technique permits for such level of interaction. 
Zigi Room Live Streaming too has the most noteworthy rate of engagement of all substance types. On a live stream on Facebook, for illustration, watchers can post their comments and it shows up live, naturally. There's an opportunity for other watchers to connected with that individual and for the moderator to associated as well. 

This moment delight makes a profound association between the watchers and the moderator. It also drives more viewers to lock in along with your substance, within the hopes of coming to you. The real-time interaction brings your group of onlookers closer to you and opens a incredible communication channel. You'll inquire them questions to urge to know them superior and they can do the same. What’s more, when they associated with each other, it makes a sense of community and they will associate.